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Over 20 years of combined trading experience and $Millions under management

Style: Intra-day price action
Risk Profile: Conservative
Bio: I have been trading for over 4 years and focus mostly on intra-day price action and buyer/seller pressure. My positions last between a few minutes and a few hours. I learned to trade while I had a full-time engineering job and was eventually able to quit my well paying job to trade full-time.
Style: Scalper - Indexes, currencies
Risk Profile: Aggressive
Bio: Intra-day scalper focused mainly on trading indexes like Nasdaq, S&P and IWM and also currencies and options. I trade the morning volatility in the first hour, and then finish up the day during power hour. I manage over $400k in capital across my accounts and shoot for $50k in profit per month. I enjoy skiing and trying new foods whenever I can!
Style: Selling, complex strategies, spreads
Risk Profile: Moderate
Bio: My name is Sage and I have been trading since 2010. I fell in love with option selling ever since I learned about its power. I am a full-time trader managing a large portfolio. My hobbies include the guitar and drums, and traveling and trading around the world. I love learning about different cultures and businesses, and talking about trading all day long.

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