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...and trade alongside our 7 and 8 figure traders, watching their positions and explanations LIVE, while learning the HOW and WHY of trading...
We've taken 20+ years of combined trading experience and boiled it down to our 4 pillars of success: Preparation, Execution, Community and Theory. HighStrike membership unlocks access to all of this, plus direct access to our analysts.

This is exactly what we do for you every day:



If you can't develop a bulletproof game plan, you don't stand a chance against high-frequency traders and hedge funds. They'll take your money every time. We give you a thoroughly researched watchlist each morning with specific entry points and price targets that we take ourselves.



We take great responsibility in making sure your game plan doesn't end with the watchlist. We trade live 2-3 times per day for a total of at least 2 hours and execute our positions on screen-share while walking you through our exact mindset and strategy.



With thousands of other self-directed traders in our community, you'll never be trading alone. Our community is one of the best places to get new trade ideas and discover trends. We are full of traders at all experience levels. Everyone has something to gain.



After the trading day is over, we want to make sure you understand exactly what we did during the live sessions and why. We host roundtables, Q&A sessions and webinars live where you can ask questions. Recordings are also available if you can't make the live session.
Who this is for:
  • Full-time OR part-time traders looking for reliable trades to follow
  • ​Traders wanting to learn the HOW & WHY behind our positions
  • Small account traders looking to grow their account consistently
What you are missing without us:
  • An 81% hit rate on signals given across the board
  • A video every morning briefing you on the best market opportunities
  • ​34-100%+ options plays year-to-date
  • ​100+ hours of training videos that will help you trade like us

Meet our analysts
Over 20 years of combined trading experience and $Millions under management


Style: Intra-day price action
Risk Profile: Conservative
Bio: I have been trading for over 4 years and focus mostly on intra-day price action and buyer/seller pressure. My positions last between a few minutes and a few hours. I learned to trade while I had a full-time engineering job and was eventually able to quit my well paying job to trade full-time.


Style: Scalper - Indexes, currencies & options
Risk Profile: Aggressive
Bio: Intra-day scalper focused mainly on trading indexes like Nasdaq, S&P and IWM and also currencies and options. I trade the morning volatility in the first hour, and then finish up the day during power hour. I manage over $400k in capital across my accounts and shoot for $50k in profit per month. I enjoy skiing and trying new foods whenever I can!


Style: Selling, complex strategies, spreads
Risk Profile: Moderate
Bio: My name is Sage and I have been trading since 2010. I fell in love with option selling ever since I learned about its power. I am a full-time trader managing a large portfolio. My hobbies include the guitar and drums, and traveling and trading around the world. I love learning about different cultures and businesses, and talking about trading all day long.

If you took just ONE contract of each of our trades since the start of the recession, you'd be up $40,627 (including losses)!

We track this data meticulously and update this figure each month.

Here's how one contract of our trades has performed throughout this recession (including losses):
March 2022 - $7,336
April 2022 - $3,945
May 2022 - $4,385
June 2022 - $4,079
July 2022 - $4,720
August 2022 - $2,862
September 2022 - $3,172
October 2022 - $2,045
November 2022 - $2,299
December 2022 - $2,260
January 2023 - $1,008
February 2023 - $992
March 2023 - $1,066
April 2023 - $79

*Typical position size for a $2,500 account is 5-10 contracts

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see your screen as you trade?
Yes. We livestream via private connection so only our members can see our screen and hear our voice as we are watching, planning and executing our trades.
What skills do I need to join?
You should have a basic understanding of how the market works, and a passion for developing high-income skills. We will provide you the education and guidance you'll need to execute, we ask that you provide the drive and work ethic to make good use of our hard work.
Can I use your tools from my phone?
We are equipped to provide all of our features via mobile and desktop efficiently. We operate on a Discord server which lends itself to all devices.
What brokers do you guys use?
We trade on a variety of accounts with a variety of brokers. We ensure all the trades we signal are available on all US brokerages.
Where can I ask questions?
We have a chat channel specifically for Q&A, and our analysts are actively answering questions all day in this channel. No question is too fundamental. We have an extremely warm and welcoming community, as well as thousands of traders of all levels.
What if I miss a live lesson or roundtable?
All of our lessons, roundtables and Q&A sessions are recorded and uploaded to the membership area for you to view again and again.
What times do you trade during the day?
We specifically plan our trading sessions for all parts of the day to ensure we allow all of our members the opportunity to catch live trades with us. We divide up the morning, midday and afternoon (powerhour) sessions among our three analysts.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We are so confident in our plays, if we don’t provide enough quality plays to cover double your membership fees in the first month, we’ll refund your first month completely!

Trading any financial asset is inherently risky and should be treated as such. Always do your own research and analysis before purchasing or selling any financial asset. Income is in no way guaranteed and you may lose money by trading stocks and options. The purpose of our platform is to educate students on various types of trading strategies, not to trade for students, provide signals, or in any way tell people specifically what assets to buy or sell.

The views and opinions expressed in the HighStrike Trading School group chat by students, instructors, or others are only for discussion purposes and shall not be misconstrued as financial advice. No decision to trade any financial asset should be made without doing individual research, and any decision to trade a financial asset is completely the responsibility of the student.

Buying, holding, and trading cryptocurrency is inherently risky and should be treated as such. Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that fluctuate in value rapidly and can cause significant financial losses. Any choice to buy or own any cryptocurrencies discussed in HighStrike content is solely the decision of the user. Always do your own research and due diligence before purchasing or trading any cryptocurrency.

Neither HighStrike Inc. nor its instructors are licensed, financial advisors.
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