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**ONLY for serious traders with ACTIVE and FUNDED trading accounts**
We'll provide you with our exact trades and if they don't make AT LEAST 200% what it costs, you don't pay!
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Our Trading Room: $399 / month
$199 / month
If you took just ONE contract of each of our trades since the start of the recession, you'd be up +$36,024 (including losses)
We track this data meticulously and update this figure each month

Here's how *ONE CONTRACT of our trades has performed throughout this recession:

These figures include losses

March - +$7,336
April - +$3,945
May - +$4,385
June - +$4,079
July - +$4,720
August - +$2,862
September - +$3,172
October - +$2,045
November - +$2,299

*Typical position size for a $2,500 account 
is 5 - 10 contracts
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Trading any financial asset is inherently risky and should be treated as such. Always do your own research and analysis before purchasing or selling any financial asset. Income is in no way guaranteed and you may lose money by trading stocks and options.

The views and opinions expressed in the HighStrike group chat by students, instructors, or others are only for discussion purposes and shall not be misconstrued as financial advice. No decision to trade any financial asset should be made without doing individual research, and any decision to trade a financial asset is completely the responsibility of the student.

Buying, holding, and trading cryptocurrency is inherently risky and should be treated as such. Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that fluctuate in value rapidly and can cause significant financial losses. Any choice to buy or own any cryptocurrencies discussed in HighStrike content is solely the decision of the user. Always do your own research and due diligence before purchasing or trading any cryptocurrency.

Neither HighStrike Inc. nor its instructors are licensed financial advisors.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee policy:

We offer full refunds for users' first month subscription fee in the case that, in the first 30 days of membership, our trades provided do not produce sufficient income for the user to make at least $398. This refund policy includes the following limitations:

To be eligible for refund, user must follow at least 50% of our trades provided and must follow entry, stop-loss and take-profit signals. We do not offer refunds for members who choose not to take at least 50% of our plays, or who choose to apply partial aspects of our trades and fail to meet the profit threshold.

To be eligible for refund, user must fail to meet profit threshold counting only trades taken from plays given by HighStrike instructors. Trades taken from plays given by other individuals or groups, or plays taken from no individuals or groups shall not be counted toward net profit threshold.

First month only is eligible for refund

Refund must be requested within 90 days of membership start date, but not requested before 30 days from membership start date

Refund request must be submitted with log of all user's trades exported from brokerage account during the 30 day period in question

To be eligible for refund, user must have account size sufficient to take at least one contract of the trades provided.
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